Lisa Falls, Little Cottonwood Canyon

Lisa Falls

· Wasatch Mountains
· Little Cottonwood Canyon
· This canyon has more traffic due to two ski resorts
· No dogs allowed
· The Trailhead is unmarked
· Kid and Family Friendly
· Easy boulder scrambling
· Kids love this trail because of the rocks
· 5 – 10 minute hike, one way
· 1/10 mile in length, one way
· Short, semi-steep trail
· Fun to play in water – depending on the runoff
· View up close – depending on the runoff
· Boulder hopping
· Popular rock climbing/repelling area
· Waterfall comes off a sheer granite slab
· Directions: The trailhead is located between mileposts 6 & 7. Look for a small parking area on the north side.
· Lisa Falls is 2.5 miles down the canyon from White Pine Trailhead, located on the NORTH side of the road.

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