Battle Creek Falls, near Pleasant Grove, Utah

I'll be getting more photos soon.


Battle Creek Falls, near Pleasant Grove, Utah

• Battle Creek Canyon offers a unique experience for all visitors, providing a wide diversity of terrains, vistas, and elevation changes
• Climbs along a beautiful cascading stream to Battle Creek Falls
• Water drops hundreds of feet and sprays a cool mist to nearby travelers
• A breather pipe above the falls splashes bursts of water for children to play in
• Just above the falls, numerous trees provide shade for a quiet rest before the return hike
• This scenic waterfall is located on the eastern edge of Pleasant Grove. Follow 200 South east to the park at the end of the road. Then just hike the easy trail that follows the streambed. It is dry down near the park but picks up water after a short distance.
• Distance from trailhead to falls: 0.57 miles, 1.8 total miles
• Elevation Gain: 519 feet

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