Adam's Canyon, Ogden area

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Adam's Canyon, Ogden area

• Very popular hiking trail in Davis County due to its accessibility and the scenic beauty of the beautiful 40 foot waterfall at the end of the trail
• You will climb over 500 feet in the first half mile
• After you cross the shoreline trail you will drop some to the creek level then you will rise about 800 additional feet over the next .8 mile
• Dogs are allowed
• Distance: 3.5 miles round trip
• Duration: 2–3 hours
• Elevation gain: 1,238 feet
• Skill level: Moderate
• Trailhead: To find the trail head take hwy 89 north to Layton, turn right on East 1200 North road then immediately turn right on Eastside road. Near the end of eastside road you will see a dirt parking area. This is the trail head parking.

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